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Hogwarts Holiday at Home

To me, there’s nothing more cozy than curling up with a good book under a soft blanket and imagining myself diving into the universe written in those pages, especially if it’s one of my favorite books. The Harry Potter series has become one of my favorites, and I know a lot of fans, including myself, equate Harry Potter and Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the holiday season. Beautifully decorated trees, cozy house common room fireplaces, and the memorable handmade Weasley sweaters, along with memorable scenes from the stories taking place during the holidays all play a part in this equation.

I have always wanted to be at Hogwarts during Christmas (let’s face it - I want to be at Hogwarts ALL THE TIME) and because this year will be different than most holidays, I wanted to recreate Hogwarts at home to provide a different atmosphere for myself and my husband. This theming and decor helps with being stuck at home right now and it’s been such a joy transforming my dream into a reality!

The Tree:

The focal point of Christmas decor is always the tree. I wrapped gifts to look like parcels sent to Hogwarts students by owl post, used LED candle tree lights to create an old fashioned ambiance, and decorated with animals and gold star accents to continue the mixture of rustic and ornate that Hogwarts is known for.


To highlight the four houses of Hogwarts in the tree - Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Slytherin - I used glitter starburst ornaments in their main colors - blue, yellow, red, and green, respectively.


The presents are wrapped with kraft paper, wax sealed with the Hogwarts crest and wrapped with twine so the owls have something to hold during delivery.

The Great Hall:

I modeled the main tablescape after the descriptions of the great hall during Christmastime. Gold silverware, candlesticks, goblets, and chargers; holly berries; snow covered greenery garlands; and antique details.


We added lanterns reminiscent of Hagrid’s lantern used to guide first year students across the black lake.


Rustic animal decor including an owl and antler candlesticks create a homey, woodsy vibe mixed with the antique glamour of the Great Hall.


Each of the four place settings are designed with a Hogwarts house in mind. Each plate has a custom-made Hogwarts house crest salad plate, a personalized Hogwarts letter place card, and a napkin tied with ribbon representing their house color.


Our feast includes a few common dishes seen in the wizarding world such as treacle tart (Harry’s favorite), chocolate frogs, sausage rolls, and pumpkin pasties.


Above the table we’ve created floating candles, a hallmark detail of the great hall, and Hogwarts house banners. Above the house banners is a Happy Christmas Banner with golden snitch decorations.

The Ravenclaw Common Room:

I created a lounge space inspired by the Ravenclaw house common room by using fur blankets, custom pillows with the Hogwarts crest, details from the wizarding world and stockings hung up awaiting gifts.


My favorite details were these handmade pillows: the Hogwarts patch and gold tassels added elegant touches to these cozy accent pillows.


No Ravenclaw common room would be complete without a stack of books, and a time turner to help its owner make it to every class, just like Hermione.

Potions Classroom Bar:

What better way to style the bar area than modeling it after the potions classroom with potions ingredients, smoking cauldron, and spooky candles?


A few wizarding details helps to give style and the black candles add to the spooky ambiance.


We created these potions ingredients using printed labels and a variety of edible ingredients.


Our “Love Potion” is a mix of soda, spirits, and sherbet to create a foaming drink and we added pink luster dust to create the signature shimmer.


I love our Hogwarts-inspired holiday decorations this year! I hope this inspires you to include details from the Wizarding World (or your favorite book series) in your plans for decorating too.

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