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This is a photo Catherine Campo, the owner of Spellbinding Soirees, an event planning company.

Hi, I'm Cathie!

And I believe that every good event has a theme.

I'm the owner + executive planner at Spellbinding Soirées. I started Spellbinding Soirées to help people plan, design, and execute their dream events that show off their personalities and passions.


I've been planning events for as long as I can remember, starting with birthday parties and school dances, and evolving into social events, like baby showers and weddings. Event planning allows me to combine my professional strengths: organization, time management, client service, and attention to detail; and my personal passions: people, events, planning, and crafting.

I've always been into planning and designing themed celebrations. From overtly themed Winnie the Pooh baby showers to more understated fairytale-inspired weddings, I enjoy turning a theme or fandom into a stylish atmosphere for social gatherings of any size.

But enough about me - I can't wait to meet you and make your event a success!

This is a photo of a celestial-inspired lounge area with sweets, comfortable blanket and pillows, and candles.
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